Our Story

Our Story

Based in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta, Azzopardi Fisheries has been in the fishing industry for more than two generations.  The business found by Anthony and Charles Azzopardi more than 30 years ago.

Today , under our second generation management the business expanded from a small fish shop operation to Malta’s largest seafood business with a strong international presence.

Azzopardi Fisheries were the pioneers in Malta in changing the culture of eating fish. Fish was considered a cheap meal as fish was relatively inexpensive compared to other food products. Today, Fish is considered a healthy food and is highly recommended in first class restaurants and by caterers for all celebrations.

For a nation surrounded by sea, we are remarkably nervous and unadventurous about fish. All fish and shellfish are remarkably good for you. Fish is high in protein, various vitamins which help maintain healthy nerve tissues, strong bones and teeth and a growing complexion, minerals such as zinc, iodine, iron and selenium and essential fatty acids such as omega 3 oil which play an important role in our development.

Any fresh fish or shellfish must smell of the sea, not of fish, and they should be firm and shiny with bright eyes.

Fish is delicious, with variety of tastes and textures, versatile and low in saturated fat. It’s also low in calories.

To offer the consumer a choice of quality, variety and freshness; provide our clients with customer service and build a brand equity in our products and by doing so the consumer will make Azzopardi Fisheries their brand of choice.