Reincarnation: Give Your Leftover Fish New Life

Have you found yourself with a bunch of leftover fish you have no idea what to do with? Good news: contrary to popular belief, fish is not a one-time deal. So before you toss any leftovers away, check out our tips on turning leftover fish into veritable hors d’oevres – brought to you by the leading provider of fresh fish in Malta!


Fish cakes (Pulpetti)

Combine cooked flaked fish and mashed potatoes for delicious fish cakes. Adapt the ratio depending on preference and the amount of fish you have; you can choose to go heavier on the potatoes than the fish for something more filling. Then, deep fry them and optionally, add some bread crumbs to help them thicken.



Give that leftover fish new life in the form of a Tex-mex burrito. Mix it with rice and beans, slice some vegetables, chuck in some guacamole, put it all inside a heated tortilla and you’ve got yourself a slice of Mexican paradise.


Fish Soup (Aljotta)

Yummy, chewy bits of fish, inside a rich, garlicky broth… there’s nothing quite like the traditional Maltese aljotta when it comes to heart (and soul) warming food in winter. Tiny pasta is sometimes also added to it for a more filling meal.



Tuna is not the only fish you can incorporate into a salad! Flake the leftover fish onto a yummy salad; quinoa, corn, avocado, beans, seasonal vegetables… the choice of combinations are endless. Top it with a nice dressing and you’ve got yourself a light, healthy meal or side dish.


Make a stray cat’s day

If you can’t be bothered to cook again or don’t want to taste fish two days in a row (really?!), there will always be a furry baby that’ll be more than willing to give you a hand. Leave your leftovers in a bowl outside for the strays and make their day.


There is, however, one important step that you cannot mess up: the reheating step. The first thing to make sure is that if you have to use direct heat to reheat your leftovers, it must be quick and gentle. Do it slowly on low heat, and forget about putting it into the microwave for a quick nuke! Using high heat such as pan-searing a second time or microwaving will only leave your fish dry and the space smelly! Lastly, keep in mind that fish must be used within one or two days of first cooking it.

Reduce waste by using your leftovers wisely!


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