October 2018

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The Fish and the Famous: 5 Celebrities Who Enjoy Fishing


When we think of hobbies belonging to movie stars, A-list athletes or pop singers, images of fancy clubs or restaurants usually come to mind, along with front row seats at Wimbledon and lavish red carpet events. Therefore, it may come as a surprise that quite a few enjoy one of the most common pastimes out there – fishing! As the leading provider of fresh fish in Malta and one of the biggest names in the local fishing industry, the team at Azzopardi Fisheries St. Paul’s Bay shares a few famous names out there who are hooked on this hobby.


1. Brad Pitt

Back in 1992, Pitt had to learn how to fish for his role in the film “A River Runs Through It”, where he played a fly-fisherman called Paul Maclean. It then became a personal hobby of his, and he is often photographed with his family near rivers, lakes and seas, fishing pole in hand.



2. Harrison Ford

The Blade Runner star is unable to hunt killer androids in real life – so he makes up for it by seeking his (arguably less intimidating) prey in the ocean. Ford loves to combine his love of the outdoors with his passion for fishing, and often sets out on lengthy excursions with his fishing buddies and equipment in tow.



3. Tiger Woods

Although Woods owes his fame and livelihood to golfing, he prefers to relax away from the golf course and spend some time near the sea instead. He considers fishing the perfect way to unwind, and particularly enjoys spearfishing and catching largemouth bass.



4. Liam Neeson

Neeson makes a point of going fly-fishing every summer, saying that he usually goes on holiday during the months of July and August and heads down to Southern Utah in the United States.



5. David Beckham

An avid fisherman, Becks is often photographed with his two sons or proudly posing by himself with his catch of the day in hand. Earlier this year, he shared snaps of his fishing trip in Iceland on Instagram, clad in impressive looking fishing gear from head to toe. Well, we would expect no less from the husband of Posh Spice…


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Big Fish, Big Pond: 5 Popular Fish Movies


Animals such as cats, dogs and sharks have all (rightfully) earned their place in Hollywood history, with popular releases such as Beethoven, Homeward Bound and The Aristocats. So why should fish be any different? As everyone’s favourite provider of fresh fish and fresh seafood in Malta, the team at Azzopardi Fisheries lists a few beloved fish movies below.


1. Finding Nemo (2003)

We couldn’t possibly begin this list of fish movies without mentioning one of the most popular family films of all time. The tale of the timid yet lovable Marlin and his search for his missing son, Nemo, forever changed the way audiences around the world saw clownfish! However, the real break-out character was undeniably the scatterbrained regal blue tang fish, Dory, voiced by the inimitable Ellen DeGeneres.


2. Ponyo (2008)

Another animated masterpiece, Ponyo was written and directed by the much-revered Hayao Miyazaki of the famous Studio Ghibli studios. The title of the movie refers to the name of the main character, a goldfish, who befriends a five year old human boy called Sosuke. This relationship drives the main plot of the story, which is Ponyo’s desire to become a human girl. The film was a commercial and critical success worldwide, winning the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year.


3. A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

Only John Cleese could make a pet goldfish called Wanda the centrepiece of a heist comedy movie. Cleese wrote and starred in this British classic, which also features among its main cast Jamie Lee Curtis, fellow Python member Michael Palin and Academy Award winner Kevin Kline. It went on to receive very high praise, with reviews describing the film as “a brainy comedy with widespread appeal.”


4. Shark Tale (2004)

Despite the title, the film’s main character is actually a bluestreak cleaner wrasse fish named Oscar, voiced by Will Smith. An animated, underwater version of The-Sopranos-meets-Goodfellas-meets-The-Godfather, the supporting cast features film and TV stars such as Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese and Michael Imperioli. The plot revolves around Oscar’s false claim of having killed the son of a shark mob boss, and the repercussions that follow.


5. IMAX: Deep Sea 3D (2006)

Narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, this 40 minute documentary short is a fascinating look at various sea life in the ocean, and examines the complexity of the delicate ecosystem underwater. Viewers are treated to unique, breathtaking scenes which feature species of jellyfish, manta rays, squids and fish.


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5 Underwater Gardens that are Perfect for Snorkelling


Easy and exciting enough for children and adults alike, snorkelling offers an incredible sense of freedom. The world abounds with great snorkelling destinations for the perfect vacation activity. As suppliers of fresh fish in Malta, our team at Azzopardi Fisheries St. Paul’s Bay has compiled a list of some of our favourite submerged wonderlands that will leave you wishing you were a permanent underwater inhabitant.


1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

It’s impossible to start off a blog about the world’s best snorkelling spots without mentioning the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world! The renowned Great Barrier Reef actually consists of almost 3,000 individual reefs that stretch over 1,400 miles off the Australian shoreline. Eye-popping coral, brilliant marine life, Barracuda, manta rays, and the bones of ships that crashed on the reef all make the Great Barrier Reef a must-visit destination for ocean aficionados.


2. Ambergris Caye, Belize

Home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, Belize offers many opportunities to get up close and personal with eels and rays, and feast your eyes on a kaleidoscope of brightly-coloured fish and coral sunken beneath the turquoise Caribbean waters. And for the more courageous, this is one of the best places to live out your swimming-with-sharks fantasies. For those who are also into scuba diving, this is where the famous Blue Hole is located.


3. Komodo Island, Indonesia

Other than the unique massive lizards that live on this rugged island, Komodo also hosts some fascinating inhabitants underwater. Visitors have the choice of swimming with rays and turtles in the undersea garden that grows at Pink Beach. Alternatively, the sea surrounding the Komodo National Park offers unmatched underwater exploration with over 1000 species of fish, a flourishing reef, huge Manta rays, as well as 14 types of endangered whales, dolphins, and giant turtles.


4. Ilha Grande, Brazil

With its white sandy beaches, exciting forest trails, and absence of private cars, the wilderness wonderland that is Ilha Grande feels largely untouched. Hike through the island’s monkey-filled jungles, dive into the warm waters of Lagoa Azul, ogle the underwater coves, swim with seahorses, and follow a turtle through a sunken jungle in this natural paradise.


5. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos, made up of 19 volcanic islands, are truly out of this world and one of the best snorkelling destinations across the globe. They offer a glimpse into the natural world of iguanas and tortoises that inspired Charles Darwin, and some of the creatures that call the awe-inspiring Galapagos home can’t be found anywhere else. Beneath the waves is a diverse world of marine life, where snorkelers and divers alike can get up close with sea turtles, Galapagos penguins, fur seals, sea lions, dolphins, orcas and humpback whales in their natural habitat.


So grab a mask and a pair of flippers and head to one of these snorkelling destinations that are bound to truly make your jaw drop – if you weren’t breathing through a snorkel, that is. For anyone who’d like to stay put and simply get a taste of the sea, we at Azzopardi Fisheries in St. Paul’s Bay are dedicated to offering our customers a wide variety of quality seafood in Malta.

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4 Fish That are Off the Scales! The World’s Weirdest


As leading providers of fish in Malta, our team at Azzopardi Fisheries pick some of the world’s weirdest fish that will have you question evolution.


1. Seahorse

Don’t be fooled by these cute little things – they are in fact, ninjas. For one, their eyes move independently so as not to give their position away when stalking prey, while avoiding becoming prey themselves by mimicking the colour of underwater plants. In terms of traditional romance, few species come close to the seahorse. They are monogamous, mate for life, and prefer to swim in pairs with their tails linked together. If that wasn’t fascinating enough for such a tiny fish, seahorses are among the only known animal species in which the male bears the unborn young in a ventral pouch until they hatch.

However, the downside to being a seahorse is that due to their body shape and their upright position, they are rather inept swimmers. Speaking of survival, the little ninjas must eat almost constantly to stay alive (is that even a bad thing?) as food passes through their digestive systems quickly since they have no stomach.


2. Ocellated Icefish

How’s transparent blood for strange? Haemoglobin, the protein that gives blood its red colour and carries oxygen to the muscles and organs that need it, also happens to be the protein lacking in this fish’s blood. The Icefish is somehow able to survive without haemoglobin and pumps blood five times faster than the average fish.


3. Parrotfish

Since this colourful fish spends most of its day nibbling at algae and dead coral (thus cleaning the reef), its waste is largely made up of tiny grains of hard coral. In other words, parrotfish poop lots of beautiful, fine white sand! But that’s not all! These fashionable fish change their gorgeous colours as they grow, and many also change from female to male. Versatility at its best, and undoubtedly one of the weirdest fish in the ocean!


4. Angler Fish

When it comes to hideous and terrifying looks paired with an immaculate hunting method, no other fish comes anywhere close to the Angler Fish. This one is downright freaky – the fish version of a nightmare. And with a fish that’s so strange looking, it’s hard to choose its most distinct feature, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide.
Angler Fish have a large head, an enormous mouth (probably the most likely part to give you nightmares, and a whip-like rod that protrudes out of the top of their head, which they wave to entice their prey. The females are much bigger than the males, growing up to 1.2 metres long, as compared to the males, who only grow 16cm long. When a male finds a female, he bites into her side and fuses to her forever, taking nutrients from her blood. Talk about taking clingy to another level.

The good news is that most of them live in the deep, dark ocean, which is why they glow light, due to photo plankton. So as long as you stay away, you’re not likely to spot one of the world’s ugliest and weirdest fish any time soon – not while leisurely snorkelling, at least.


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