July 2018


Ways of Incorporating Octopus into Yummy Summery Meals


Braised, grilled, fried or boiled, when cooked properly, this strange-looking sea creature is a delightful part of Mediterranean cuisine. Whether to impress your guests with a delectable meal or to treat yourself, our passionate team at Azzopardi Fisheries – leading fish shop in Malta – shares a few dishes this delicacy can be incorporated into.


1. Octopus, Potato & Green Bean Salad

A great addition to a salad with potatoes and green beans, dressed in garlic, parsley and olive oil, this octopus salad boasts extraordinary flavours and can be served both warm or cold.


2. Linguine with Octopus, Tomatoes & Chillies

For fresh flavour and brilliant colours, combine octopus with ripe cherry tomatoes, garlic, fresh chillies, anchovy fillets, olives, capers and parsley.


3. Octopus & Squid with Capers & Tomatoes

If you’re looking to create a summery dish that’s bursting with flavour, this one may be the one for you. Octopus and squid are a match made in seafood heaven, especially when paired with the saltiness of the capers, the sweetness of tomatoes, and the added subtle dry aroma of thyme and rosemary’s distinctive sharp flavour.


Health Properties of Octopus

Other than its yummy taste and unique texture, octopus also offers great health benefits. It contains very low amounts of saturated fats, making it a great option for those who are trying to lose weight or stay in shape. Moreover, it is packed with healthy protein, important for building and regenerating muscle, as well as iron – a mineral responsible for transferring oxygen to your cells.

Eating this sea creature will also provide you with calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B12, to mention but a few. And the high quantities of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids it is composed of improve your cardiovascular system and cognitive functions, while reducing the chance of getting diseases such as heart attack and stroke.


If you’re craving something fishy, drop by Azzopardi fisheries in St. Paul’s Bay to find the largest selection of fresh fish Malta has to offer for you to indulge in. Having been in the business for 30 years, we have grown to become the largest providers of seafood in Malta, where the quality of service we offer is only rivalled by the quality of products we offer.

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breaded fish

The Beauty of Breaded Fish


What’s better than some good old breaded fish, served with fries, mashed potatoes, caponata or a crispy, refreshing salad? If you’re constantly on the go and don’t have much time to prepare your own food, our team at Azzopardi Fisheries – leading providers of fresh fish in Malta – has done the work for you.


The range of breaded fish we offer at Azzopardi Fisheries:

  • Fish fingers
  • Breaded tomatoes and cod
  • Breaded mozzarella cod
  • Breaded spinach cod
  • Breaded cod
  • Breaded fish nuggets


Breading your own fish

Of course, if you feel like getting a little messy, you could buy fresh fish and bread them yourself. Breading fish to fry, bake or broil is an easy and delicious way of cooking white fish. All you’ll need to prepare are 3 shallow dishes: one for the flour (with optional lemon-pepper seasoning), one for the egg, and one for the bread crumbs (the smaller, the better). Beat the egg lightly and dip one fish piece at a time, first in the flour, then in the egg. Once you’ve let the excess egg drip off, coat the fish in the breadcrumbs on both sides as evenly as possible.

Sauté the fish in a pan over medium heat for 3-5 minutes on each side, or until the breadcrumb coating turns a golden colour. Serve with optional lemon quarters on the side. Your kids and guests will love it!


Come over to Azzopardi Fisheries in St. Paul’s Bay, where we offer some of the tastiest seafood on the island, including the widest range of fresh fish Malta has to offer, as well as frozen breaded fish for those days you want to take a break. Having been in the business for over 30 years, we know a thing or two about the fruits of the sea. Our friendly staff is always helpful and willing to go that extra mile in order to provide a customer service experience that’s second to none!

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seafood platter

Create the perfect seafood platter


Who’s in the mood for food – more specifically, seafood? With summer now in full swing, we Maltese certainly are. Seafood is the perfect lighter alternative to meat or heavy pasta dishes; it’s fresh, tasty and healthy. Platters are an ideal way of combining all your favourite fruits of the sea and can be served as an appetiser or a snack to share with friends or family over a glass of wine. Read below for some tips on how to create the perfect seafood platter, brought to you by Azzopardi Fisheries, beloved provider of fresh fish in Malta.


Choose the Freshest Produce

When picking seafood, choose items that have a salty smell with a fresh aroma, but avoid those with an overpowering fishy odour. Don’t choose anything with dull or dark spots on the surface, and keep an eye out for those with bright colours. Fresh seafood usually has firm flesh and shiny shells which are not dry. For more tips on choosing fresh fish in Malta, have a look at our previous blog!


Salt and Ice Makes Everything Nice

To prevent ice from melting on the platter, sprinkle a small amount of salt around the surface of the dish. Cover the whole base with crushed ice, with an additional layer of salt on top, and finish with yet another thin layer of ice.


Prawn to be Wild

Prawdon the pun, but any seafood platter would be lacking something without these pink, succulent morsels of goodness. Opt for King Prawns, as they have a particularly rich flavour, with flesh that is moist and medium-firm. Those from Argentina are especially renowned for markedly sweeter taste and much larger size when compared to regular prawns.

Hustle for some Mussels

Mussels are often the pièce de résistance of a perfect seafood platter. The ideal way to serve them is steamed and marinated in dry white wine. Don’t forget to discard any mussels whose shells did not open whilst cooking.


Savour the Salmon

Fill any spaces left in your platter with either smoked salmon or even some raw sashimi. You can even pair it with avocado, and have an extra plate with plain biscuits or crackers with cream cheese so guests can create their own side snacks!


Be the Perfect Host and Provide Finger Bowls

Eating seafood can be messy, especially with all the oils and seasoning involved. Fill up some small bowls with two slices of lemon and warm water, so that guests can clean their fingers throughout the meal.


Here at Azzopardi Fisheries we have been providing fresh seafood in Malta for many years. Come over to our stores in St. Paul’s Bay, where our experienced staff will help you in your search for the freshest fruits of the sea!

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